Trendy Beauty Hacks!

Everyone wants to look good and feel good and sometimes we don’t have the time to do it or even the right products. Today I will be sharing with you a few things that can help you get ready fast and still look your best!

BEAUTY HACK #1: Want to have long lasting lipstick? Instead of applying a lipstick apply a lip liner. Because your lipstick has more of a creamier base, it can fade away a lot quicker. A lip liner has a more waxier base so it will stay in place longer than your lipstick would. All you have to do now is either apply your fav lip gloss over it and you’ve got long lasting lip color throughout the day or night!

I used a Mac lip liner on my lips. I love Mac lip liners because they are long lasting and smudge proof!

BEAUTY HACK #2: Want to add blush but you don’t have any that is the right shade for your makeup? Simply use your pinkest eye shadow and it will work just as good!

Apply the color on the apples of your cheeks. I chose to apply a very light pink eye shadow on my cheeks because I wanted to keep it natural and youthful.

BEAUTY HACK #3: Do you feel like your lip colors are too boring and you don’t want to waste money on a fun colored lipstick that you will only wear once? You can definitely create your own lipstick! Choose a color of eye shadow you would want to wear on your lips and scrape some on a clean surface, mix it with Vaseline or your fav chap stick (EOS works great) and you will have your lipstick. You can create a variety of colors with this method.

I love using EOS when I want to create a fun lip color because it is so creamy and also has SPF in it to protect my lips.

BEAUTY HACK #4: Do you feel like you never have time to do your hair to get volume?? When you wake up, roll the crown of your hair into rollers, spray it with some hair spray and do your regular morning routine. By the time you finish and are ready to head out the door simply take out the rollers and you will have lasting volume throughout the day! If you don’t have time in the morning, then simply roll it before bed and take out the rollers in the morning. This will give your hair even longer lasting volume!

The rollers I use are pretty simple and require no heat. It is perfect for us girls who is on the go. I apply a bit of hair spray and leave it on for a while. I tease the roots of my hair to get my volume to last longer throughout the day.

BEAUTY HACK #5: Do you feel like your nail polish takes FOREVER to dry?? Well, dunking your nails into ice cold water will help dry your nails in an instant!

BEAUTY HACK #6: Want to apply eyeliner but it takes you forever to get that perfect line? Using a pencil liner can help you minimize that. Simply line your eye with the liner and smudge out the outer corner of your eye outward with a smudge brush or even a Q-tip. You will get the perfect cat eye every time!Remember, do one eye at a time; that way your liner is creamy and movable on the skin.

I love the NYX two timer liner. In addition to the pencil liner it also has a fine tip liquid liner too and that works wonders too! You can do a lot with this product.

BEAUTY HACK #7: Having trouble finding that perfect nude lip color? Simply mix your foundation color with a bit of pink or coral eye shadow along with some vasiline or your favorite chapstick and you will have a nude lip!

The foundation I used for this was Makeup Forever in N153. I love this foundation it is my perfect shade when it is summer. And I am in LA so it is always sunny out here 🙂 I would recommend this foundation line to everyone because it has so many different colors that you can choose from!

BEAUTY HACK #8: Feel like your hair accessories aren’t so fun and glamorous? Dress up your hair do by adding earrings or even jewelry!


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