Popular Summer Hair Do’s

Are you just bored of having the same old hairstyle? Switch it up with these popular summer styles!


One of the go to hairstyles are braids. Having it all over on one side, having it wrap around your head, or even having a braid in the front of your hair line. Any type of braid, anywhere will look cute, trendy. and fashionable. When you have a braid in your hair, don’t add any extra accessories — you want the braid to stand out on its own. You don’t want to take away its beauty and elegance. A braid is beautiful because of its simplicity.

Check out these videos to learn how to do braids similar to ones below: 



Waves For Days

Another look you will see out there a lot is naturally effortless beach waves. All of the Hollywood Stars are wearing their hair in beachy waves . I love this look because it is really simple and easy to do! The more randomly placed and tousled the waves are, the better!

I use my HerStyler wand to get sexy beachy hair. I bought it on Groupon for $30. Always use a thermal protectant on your hair when you’re adding heat to your hair. I use Paul Mitchell’s Hott off the Press ($20.95). I then curl my hair with the wand and after I’m done I pull down on the curl to make it loose and not so springy. Then I add a soft hold hairspray that I can run my fingers through without having it flake. The best soft hold hairspray out there is the Sebastian Shaper Plus Hairspray ($16.95).

Check out these videos to learn how to the styles below:





Tie that Pony Low

Low ponytails with a little bit of poof in the crown is another go to hairstyle this summer. It looks polished and sophisticated. You can make it as simple as you want or go all out and glam it up for a night out.

To get nice volume on the crown grab hair from ear to ear and start teasing until you reach the front part of your hair. You want to tease your hair from mid shaft to root. I use my Chi Turbo CB13 ($6.00) to tease the hair. I love this teasing brush. The bristles are so strong that they get the hair to form that cushion you need to create volume. As you tease, add hairspray so you don’t lose the volume that you just created. Smooth over the top of the hair with your teasing brush very lightly so you don’t disturb the volume you created. Then just tie it in a low pony and hairspray any flyaways.

This video tutorial is perfect for how to get this look:



Old Hollywood Curls

This look is very classy and easy to do. That old Hollywood glam is back! Many people are doing these cute vintage hairstyles that were very popular in the 30’s. You see many celebs rocking this hairstyle on the red carpet and so can you because it is really simple to achieve this look!

First, you need to create a deep side part. Then start curling your hair towards your face in one inch vertical sections with a curling wand or curling iorn. You do this all throughout your head and in the end you will have big curls. You then spray some soft holding hairspray and then comb it out. Touch up your curls where it’s needed and you will have a glamorous vintage look.

The perfect video tutorial for this look:



Dress it up!

You can never go wrong with adding a little something to your hairdo. You can add a floral hippie band over your head if you have a half do or even if you have your hair in curls and you want to make your style stand out. Another accessory that is hot this summer is jeweled head bands. This is a perfect way to add a bit of glamour  to your hairdo.

Here are some videos for DIY floral headpeices:




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