Vintage Hair

Back in the days, the hairstyles were so intricate and definitely took a lot of time. Especially since they didn’t have the same hair tools we do now!

In school, we have been learning a lot about the different hairstyles throughout the decades and I’d have to say that my favorite would be the defined, sleek fingerwaves of the 1920’s. I’ve always had trouble doing the fingerwaves, but this time, while we were working on it in class I managed to create such beautiful fingerwaves!

The amount of product and the type of product is very crucial when doing fingerwaves! I would practice fingerwaves day and night but would never get it right so I eventually just gave up. When we had to do the fingerwaves in class this week I didn’t think I would do so well but I impressed myself. 

First of all, make sure you have a deep side part because all fingerwaves have a deep side part. You then want to completely wet the hair down. After that, you will need to apply lots of styling gel. If the hair isn’t sticking down or if you’re having trouble creating that “C” shape then you need to add more gel. Once you complete the fingerwave, you can pin curl the rest of the hair if you have long/medium hair length or if you have short hair, just finish off the style with one final piece of “S” shape down the neck.

eco styling gel

Great gel for fingerwaves! Only $2

I used waveclamps to help me get defined ridges!

I used wave clamps to help give me more defined ridges.

I used wave clamps to help give me more defined ridges.









Check out this video to get the BEST fingerwaves:

FIngerwave tutorial     (This is for a cosmetology exam but she describes the fingerwave process step by step and in detail. Also, notice how much product she has on her dollhead and how easy it is to move the hair!)

Have you seen the movie Water for Elephants starring Reese Witherspoon? Well, I attempted to do that hairstyle and I loved it! If you attempted the fingerwave with the pincurls at the bottom, then you can totally do this look as well! All you have to do is get a teasing comb with picks on the end and raise the hair to give it come volume in the front, and then tease out all the pin curls to give it a sexy fluffy look!


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